Monday, April 24, 2017


Hope to me moves many people, hope can be convey as many things, such as food, or valuable and meaningful things. To others its just a thought of the future that brings hope to them. Hope can motivate people, it can never bring people down, it raises your motivation and makes you reach for the thing you yearn for the most in life. Some people will and may lose hope often which isn't a terrible thing, neither is it a good thing. But just like a boomerang it will come back to you. Hope is a feeling that you have that will overpower you and motivate you. You can maintain it by keeping yourself motivated, keep in mind that this is something within you, something you can not grasp or hold onto. No situation is hopeless, just take a look at the situation, gather up all the knowledge you can, look at it in a different perspective, because many other people can be going through what you are going through. As an individual you can gain hope through something you find personal, but as a group you can find hope towards something, like the science march that had happened recently because of global warming. This can help push the people to become better and reach their goal in speaking out and making an impact.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas

 The story The Ones Who Walk away Omelas can be taken as a symbol to social justice. In the story it talks about the bright and glamorous city of Omelas, it goes on to describe all the wonderful and beautiful things that go in there. Then it all of a sudden takes a darker turn and talks about a child. The gender was not specified and it is trapped somewhere in a basement somewhere in Omelas. This child is miserable, the story explains that the city of Omelas depends on the misery of the child to be able to be a perfect, happy and bright place, basically a utopia. Most people from Omelas know that the child is there but they know that they need to leave it alone so the city will stay the way it is. Some children or teens see it once and they get disgusted, mad, they are outraged, they want to help the child, but of course they can't. Some people just walk away from Omelas, into the mountains, not knowing where they're going. The child in the basement can represent criminals, homeless people or illegal immigrants, they are similar because they are dehumanized and treated so much different that others. People don't keep in mind that all of those people are human, they all have a mother and father just like everyone else, no one is better than the other. I feel that the people that walk away don't want to be a part of this, they don't want to be a part of a society that knows that the child is suffering but no one wants to do anything about it. They can represent all the people who want to stand up for others and don't care about the risks about doing it, like Martin Luther King Jr, he stood up for Rosa Parks when there was an issue about her sitting in the bus.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Social Justice

I feel that social justice today is a very important part of society, we don't really realize how important it actually is until something terrible actually happens to ourselves. There are many issues of this day and age, like racism is one major problems in this day and age, this is why African American people have gotten together to create something called 'Black Lives Matter'. Another issue is the gender of people, male and female, they are not getting payed equally or being treated the same. Sexual Assaults, police brutality and other things problems in the world are going on we rely on people doing the right thing and stand up for social justice.
One thing I find as a concern is all the hate crimes that go on, they kill people that have done nothing but be themselves, whether its their race or religion they get hate and they get threatened by terrorist. This was talked about in the Ted Talk Islamophobia Killed my brother, they talk about Islamophobia, this is when someone hates Islamic people, I personally did not know that this was a thing until this Ted Talk. Suzanne Barakat talks about her family, more specifically her brother and his wife who were murdered by their neighbor who was Islamophobia killed them execution style and no one thought anything of it, it was just another murder on the news, nothing was important about it. This happened because the murder had said that he had killed them over a parking dispute. This was not true and Suzanne spoke up for her dead brother and sister in law.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Ted Talk of choice

Today I watched the TED talk called "Are you a Giver or Taker?". Adam Grant explains the concept of givers and takers. There is an in between called matchers, this is when you do something for another person but only if they do something for you. Givers in the medical field or in any job really aren't the most successful people, they do other people's jobs for no reason other than they ask them. People in the medical school that wanted to help people usually are the ones that fail. Givers sacrifice themselves, this helps the group you are in, but they suffer. Takers rise quickly but then fall quickly, matchers are the most successful people, the best people are the givers though. Givers are both at the top and at the bottom. Givers are your most valuable people.

Friday, February 17, 2017


Today I read the short story called Birthmark. I read it on my own, I had to read the story over about two or three times over again because I didn't get it the first time. It was confusing at first I must admit, it was about a girls insecurity in her birthmark, it takes up about almost half of her face. I thought it was a wonderful story, to love all the flaws you have and the people who truly do love you will see through all you flaws. The woman wanted the birthmark removed off of her face really bad to be able to feel like shes beautiful or just to be "Normal". I loved that they included her husband to the story, it shows that it doesn't matter how you look, you should be confident and not be embarrassed for your 'flaws'.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Summary and Reflection on Gilbert's talk

In the Ted Talk "The surprising science of happiness" Gilbert claims that synthetic happiness is better than 'real happiness'. Gilbert supports this claim by explaining how the frontal lobe works "It turns out the per-frontal cortex does lots of things, but one of the most important things it does is an experience simulator." The frontal lobe is a way to imagine the way things are before you do it. Next Gilbert explains how 'real' happiness and how synthetic happiness differ, "It turns out the per-frontal cortex does lots of things, but one of the most important things it does is an experience simulator." After he says this he gives the reasoning behind why 'real' happiness is continuing to go on, claiming that it's all about economics "Why do we have that belief? Well, it's very simple. What kind of economic engine would keep churning if we believed that not getting what we want could make us just as happy as getting it?". Gilbert's purpose is to inform people on how to be more happier or trying to convince people don't need to buy stuff to make them happier.
This Ted Talk was very informing, I had never thought that you could be happy about something you didn't get, I never really thought about how happiness comes from objects you get. I would never think that you could be happy with what you are stuck with, I would always think that you'd be unhappy and feel stuck. One thing that will really stick with me is that you don't need to get something to be happy. 

Wednesday, January 11, 2017


I believe that happiness is a feeling that you get when you feel content with yourself or with the thing that you just done. Happiness is knowing that you have family or just anyone there for you to let your emotions to. Being happy sometimes mean that you are content with your life and the objects you have in your life. Being happy means that your mind is empty of any negative feelings like anger, sadness, or jealousy. Being happy means that you are in a good mood and if something happens you keep being happy. For example: when someone complements you, you usually get happy and that ends up being the highlight of your day, maybe that day was horrible, but because you had that moment of happiness it has made your day a lot better. Happiness is something that can greatly affect people, like for people with depression, they usually can't feel happy because they are always depressed. Imagine being depressed then all of a sudden you start feeling happy for whatever reason. You'd start being more active, you'd want to do more in general. Happiness, I guess you can say that it can be a type of fuel for some people while for others it's just a nice feeling to have. Back then in Europe they would think that happiness would occur when people died and they went to heaven, well, others thought that it was time that they stopped waiting and thought that they could find happiness on their own.